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Being in love: Difficulty. As in you´re gonna end up fighting more than half the time, then the next like nothing ever happened at all. Spending one moment crying yourself to sleep, then the next non-stop laughter. Then full frustration, next filled with joy. Some moments talking about what great future you two have planned ahead, then the next with no future at all. When you feel like you’ve completely given up, but you can’t let go.


Half the time you´re so damn sure of what it is then the next you absolutely have no clue anymore. Half of us will pretend like it’s the perfect little thing. But really, it’s the most unperfect thing there could ever be.

Make me fall

Now everybody asks me why I'm smiling out from ear to ear.
Nothing's perfect, but it's worth it after fighting through my fears.

Don't know much about fighting but I know I would fight for you
Just when I ball up my fist I realize , Im layin right next to you


Trots regnet så doftar det svensk sommar av färgerna att döma på Topshop.com

Underbaraste, underbara. Nu längtar jag efter semester och solstrålar.


That marc

Om jag blir med Iphone så hade den genast få ta på sig den här finaste outfiten.




Vilka underbara dagar de som har semester måste haft, de har varit de underbaraste dagarna på länge. Om regnet kommer så har Topshop.com ett förslag: Dinohands! :P

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